Two jobs


Job A  - pays $100,000 per year


Job B - pays $98,000 per year


But if you get sick or injured Job B will pay you $60,000 TAX-FREE!


Which job do you pick? B of course. Because like every smart, conservative Canadian you want your income protected. Job B has a disability insurance plan for its employees.


Disability Insurance



The security you need, the protection you deserve

If you become disabled, your ability to earn income may be compromised, and your ability to pay bills or save for retirement may decline. Our disability insurance plans are designed to help you meet your income requirements so you can concentrate on recovering from your disability and returning to an active life.

The peace of mind that income protection can provide is available for professionals, business owners, business executives, and full-time, part-time or home-based workers. Whether you need to secure your main source of income or to supplement the coverage you receive from your employer or an association, we can help by providing a comprehensive and portable plan you can rely on throughout your working years.

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