Estate Liquidity = Cash at death


What we mean by "estate liquidity" is that person should have sufficient cash to pay buy out partners, creditors and taxes at the person's time of death. Many people are "asset rich" but "cash poor" because much of their wealth is tied up in their company, stocks, bonds and real estate.


This can present a problem if the estate needs to raise cash quickly. We do not want to have to sell assets at low prices if there is a correction in the stock market or a soft real estate market. Permanent life insurance is an excellent tool for solving this common problem.



Permanent Life Insurance


Permanent Life insurance also known as Universal Life or Whole Life Insurance provides coverage that will not expire provided the premiums are paid.


Many permanent Life insurance policies build up a cash value as a savings portion within the policy. Participating whole life policies grow in cash value and death benefit over the time of the policy.


It is an excellent means of diversifying a person's wealth into an asset class that will not go down in value, unlike stock, bond and real estate investments.


Permanent life insurance premiums are level, while term life insurance premiums increase over time.


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