The 6/49 Sickness Lottery


Medical science is detecting and treating illness that used to kill us. It's bad enough getting sick without having to also worry about money.


If you suffer a critical illness and have protection you will receive a lump some of cash that you can use how ever you want. Pay for care in the USA, have friends visit while you get better, go away to get better.


Pay for friends to visit you, go to the USA for treatment, take a great vacation to recover without having to spend your savings or borrow from your line of credit.


We recommend that you purchase at least 3-6 months wages. If you make $5000 per month, buy $15,000 to $30,000 of protection.  Complete the Contact form for a free quote.


Get all your money back - every last cent! (when you purchase the return of premiium rider.)


If you purchase a Critical Illness policy and you never make a claim, the Insurance company will give you ALL your money back (when you purchase the return of premium rider.)


It's a savings/protection plan!


Cancer - Stroke - Heart Attack


These 3 illnesses account for over 95% of all insurance claims.


In the old days people used to die from illnesses that are now easily detected and cured by modern medicine.


Early diagnosis and treatment has become a life expectancy game changer in the field of medicine.


This doesn't mean that people are not going get sick - the hospitals are full. What is means is that many will get sick but will recover and live healthy long lives.


The problem is that during recovery most people will suffer a loss of income and have medical expenses that are not covered. The will have to borrow or spend savings to make ends meet.


Critical illness pays a lump sum to a person who suffers an insured illness.


This money can be used for treatment, a recovery holiday, day to day needs or at home nursing.


We recommend that a person purchase insurance coverage to at least 6 months of income.

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