The Super Visa is a 10 year visa which allows parents and grandparents stay for up to two years at a time.



“The launch of Canada Super Visa is aimed to bring considerable reductions in the long backlogs for parents and grandparents wanting to join their families in Canada. The federal government hopes it will bring down the current backlog of 165,000 down.”


The Super Visa application must include a copy of the receipt showing proof that the applicant has purchased one year coverage of visitors to Canada medical insurance with a protection amount of $100,000 minimum.


The Super Visa is taking approximately 8 weeks to process. We recommend that the applicant purchase the insurance with an effective date 8 weeks later than the date of purchase. If the applicant is not approved or is unable to come to Canada the insurance can be cancelled and a full refund received if the cancellation is prior to the effective date.


If the applicant arrives at a date different than the effective date used at the time of application the applicant must call and we will make the necessary changes to the effective date to insure that the applicant is protected.


ProInsure is an insurance broker providing advice and pricing for Visitors to Canada insurance that satisfies the requirements for the Super Visa – please call Nick Godfrey for a free quote 905-815-7186 , email,, or visit