ProInsure has developed a multi-disciplinary, client centric approach to helping business owners build value and develop business efficiencies as they plan for the day they will change ownership of their business.


Most advisors do not understand all the needs of the business owner and if they do, they cannot possibly have all the skills needed to solve the problems. Furthermore, most advisors attempt to build a wall of control around the client. This wall keeps other disciplines and important information and real value away from the owner and only serves the needs of the advisor. An advisor that works as a member of an inter-disciplinary team is of far greater value to the owner.


There are four main areas in where advisors help business owners.



Building real value in a business and preparing it for succession requires knowledge from many sources.


Business owners need an advisor who will “play nicely” with the other disciplines and in their absence, introduce these advisors to them without the fear of losing “control of the client”.


Business owners looking to build value in their business and transition it to new ownership need to ask their trusted advisors who else they have on their “teams”. If they get a blank stare in return, they need to look find an advisor with real bench strength.