Non-Medical Life Insurance


Do you have a pre-existing medical condition?

Have you been declined life insurance?

Don't like needles or doctors?


There is another option!


 Non-Medical Life Insurance is appropriate for persons who:

  •  have been declined for insurance requiring medical tests or know they would likely be declined
  • have a poor medical history
  • do not want to go through medical testing or are uncomfortable with needles
  • need fast and immediate coverage
  • are between 20-70 years of age
  • need 10 or 20 year Term protection, Permanent life insurance protection or both


 You might qualify for up to $150,000 of term protection and $50,000 of permanent coverage for a total of $200,000!


Here’s a tip if you think you might not qualify for life insurance at standard rates.


Apply for non-medical life insurance first and later apply for traditional life insurance.


The reason is that people with serious pre-existing medical problems are often declined traditional life insurance and the "decline" counts against them when they apply for non-medical life insurance.


Many people think they should apply for the traditional plan first and then apply for non-medical insurance  Wrong!


You may still qualify for non-medical insurance protection having been declined but the benefits will not be payable for the first two years of the policy if premature death occurs by means other than accident.  These plans a referred to as deferred life insurance plans.


The best strategy is to apply for non-medical life insurance. If your application is successful then try the traditional life insurance application process knowing that a declined application will not count against you.


If your application is approved and you secure higher amounts of protection for less premium than the non-medical plan you can then cancel the non-medical life insurance.



Congenital heart patients need life insurance protection too!


Congenital hearts patients are growing up, marrying and having families thanks to advances in medical science. Unfortunately tradition life insurance companies do not look favourably upon people who were born with heart defects and usually decline them life insurance protection.  There are few life insurance protection choices for this new demographic to protect the children of this growing population.


One solution is non-medical term and whole life insurance starting at age 20.  Typically the premiums are higher and the amount of coverage is lower than traditional insurers. Non-medical insurance requires less information and as result the insurer is taking on more risk hence the higher premiums.


Do you have a congenital heart defect and you are thinking about applying for life insurance?




Our preferred underwriters of non-medial life insurance are Canada Protection Plan, Assumption Life and Industrial Alliance.

We are friends of the Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance - CCHA - for life!

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