We simplify Business Succession Planning


Every business needs a succession plan.


Most business owners are too busy running the business to find the time to write a succession plan but understand the need to plan and the value of hiring professionals. They also appreciate good advice from impartial professional third parties.


We are business succession planning advisors offering a customized fee-for-service business succession planning service that uses a multi-disciplinary approach. Our process draws on a valuable network of lawyers, accountants, business brokers and mergers and acquisition specialists, who are seasoned business succession planning professionals with proven track records of superior success.


A Business Succession Plan is designed to:

  • maximize shareholder value
  • insure a smooth transfer of ownership and management
  • fund a full retirement


Having a written plan in hand means your business always looks its best. I agree with Chris Griffiths in his Globe and Mail article where he says you should, "Run your business like it's always for sale".


Each plan starts by sitting with the business owner(s) and stakeholders and completing our Business Succession Planning Checklist. We ask a lot of questions.


Click here to download the checklist to review for yourself.


 It takes 30 to 60 days to write a succession plan but it takes two to five years to implement this type of plan, so the need to start planning may come sooner than you think!


Dr. Tom Deans talks about the value of business advisors and the succession planning process.





Your business is most likely one of your primary assets. As you prepare for your retirement, it becomes important to maximize its value.
You created it. You watched it grow. You invested your time and money in it.
When you decide to exit, why wouldn’t you expect your business to give you something back?


Early succession planning enables you to:


  • Maximize the value of the business and, consequently, its potential selling price
  • Explore a broader range of transition options
  • Take the time to choose the right successor and acquaint him with the business
  • Set up the proper financing
  • Have a positive impact on your business’ long-term viability


Good business transition planning increases your chances for success. It is the best way to secure your company’s continuity.



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Be prepared to sell




A written plan is a road map to success for business owners. This road map protects shareholder values and provides piece of mind to all stakeholders. A written plan is invaluable in the event of:


  • accident or illness or early death of key persons
  • unsolicited offer (the plans means you are always ready to sell for the right price)
  • family members or management who are interested in ownership and continuity


Start Today!

If you do not have a business succession plan start today!

Our goal is to help you build and protect your financial security

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Nick Godfrey, the owner of ProInsure, has sold 3 businesses. He has been in financial services  for over 20 years and has a deep understanding of investing, insurance and business planning. Nick said, "We started asking our business owning clients what their successions plans were. They all knew that needed to plan but they didn't know where to start, so I figured it out for them and the rest is history."

Nick has been an Oakville Ontario resident for more than 20 years. He is an avid hiker, fisherman and outdoors man who loves to explore the local Conversation Halton recreation areas with his wife, son, daughter and springer spaniel.

Nick is also the Chairman of the Oakville Ducks Unlimited Canada annual fundraising dinner. 


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